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Dakota Adelphia Training

Initial CCW Course

Initial CCW Course

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About the Class

Who this class is for: Students who applied for their CCW permit in 2023. This is the grandfathered in, 8 hour course.

Students will learn the laws related to self defense, deadly force, and local regulations related to concealed carry permits in San Diego County. They will also work through some scenarios related to use of force and best practices. They will work on determining which skills they need to practice so they can survive a gunfight, how to handle the aftermath of a shooting event, including police contact, navigating witness dynamics, and surviving the legal battle afterward. Students who successfully pass the exam and shooting qualification will receive the form for submission to the Sheriffs department for their initial CCW permit.

About the Instructor

Dakota is the local leader of San Diego's Girl and a Gun chapter and is passionate about helping people learn how to responsibly use a firearm.

Training resume includes:
Stephannie Weidner, Brian and Shelley Hill, Kaery Dudenhofer, Tatiana Whitlock, Tiffany Johnson, Adam Winch, Brent Hickmon, Dianna Liedorff Muller, Chuck Haggard, John Hearne, Chris Hill, Nick Young, Michelle Cerino and more.

  • Image Based Decisional Drills Instructor (The Complete Combatant)
  • OC Spray Instructor (Chuck Haggard of Agile/Training and Consulting)
  • Rangemaster Instructor (Tom Givens)
  • Deadly Force Instructor (Massad Ayoob)
  • NRA: Personal Protection in the Home Instructor, Basic Pistol, Range Safety Officer
  • Tatiana Whitlock - A Girl & A Gun Intro to Handgun Instructor
  • Tatiana Whitlock - A Girl & A Gun Intro to Holster Instructor
  • Tatiana Whitlock - A Girl & A Gun Range Safety Officer


Private range in North County San Diego




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